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LOL On Facebook!
Apr 16, 10 2:54 PM
Apr 16, 10 2:49 PM
Colosus is back
Mar 18, 10 9:10 AM
Feb 25, 10 2:00 PM
Feb 23, 10 9:58 AM
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Welcome to Lords of Lordaeron!
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LOL On Facebook!

Gransus27, Apr 16, 10 2:54 PM.
        We now have a facebook page so check it out plz. Join if u want, it would be nice if everyone did, and add photos as well as on the site. Ty all.


Gransus27, Apr 16, 10 2:49 PM.
Congrats to Sythin and his wife on the newborn baby. We understand baby comes first so as soon as the lil one starts to drive you crazy, we will be waiting here on WoW. LOL!

                                                                                Congrats Again,
                                                                                   LOL VGM

Colosus is back

Gransus27, Mar 18, 10 9:10 AM.
        Hey everyone im back from my short time loss of game time. However just incase it happens again i will be turning the guild over to Sorga, the origanl guildmaster and creator. I will remain in the guild but i am making a change as far as leader just incase i have another period of leave.


Gransus27, Feb 25, 10 2:00 PM.
                                Attention all guild members,
        We need to get all members to vote on a day and time for raids to be regularly run so that we can get our guild ranking up and gain more popularity with the WOW community. I think this would increase our guild recruitment and progression. So far we have Thursdays and Fridays as day suggestions and 10pm server as starting time for raids. Please post your comments and vote for what you think would be good for you we do not need just one day for raiding we can raid both days. So if Friday is better than Thursday for you, vote Friday.
                                                                        Thx All,
                                                                        Gransus VGM


Gransus27, Feb 23, 10 9:58 AM.
        Lords of lordaeron is now recruiting all races and classes lvl 70+. We need ranged & melee dps and raid healers to begin raiding as a guild. We will begin raiding but puging what we dont have at the time. Perks are 4tab bank, Vent, tabard (not req. to wear) and once guild bank gold is at a reasonable amount we will even help pay for your epic flight training (Must continue to donate to guild for this to happen and be atleast an officer or Veteran of the guild over lvl 75) Plz if anyone has any ideas on how we can better our guild, talk to either Horac VGM, Sorga VGM, or myself Colosus/Gransus/Nozgalth GM so we may discuss it as a guild everyone has a right to help make changes in the guild to make us one of the best eventually.

                                                                                Ty. Gransus GM
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